Video Systems

video systemsKeep Your Property Secure

Revolutionary Communications installs video systems and more

When you own a business, protecting your property is vital. Look to Revolutionary Communications for expertly designed gates, video systems and other security enhancements. We can draw on more than 10 years of experience to keep your property secure.

You can count on us to install:

  • Digital video recorders
  • Gate opening systems
  • IP cameras
  • Network video cameras
  • Paging systems
  • Security cameras

When we've set up your surveillance system, you'll be able to observe your property from anywhere. Call 815-370-2701 now to find out more about our video surveillance system services.

Install a video system with hidden wiring

You might want a conspicuous video system. Someone who is thinking about committing a theft might be deterred by the sight of cameras and wiring. On the other hand, your situation may call for an unobtrusive video system. We can hide your system's wiring so it blends into the surroundings. Contact us today to ask about the video system you need.

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